Fire House Workout #1

This first workout is a great workout for the firehouse. Adjust this workout to meet your own fitness level. This workout was developed as a simple workout that members could add or take away from to build themselves to their maximum fitness level. For example, if you are not able to complete a push up as of yet, maybe start with a modified push up or even a plank held for 60 seconds. Start somewhere and work up to completing the challenge. This work out was designed in a superset fashion where one exercise would be repeated right after the other, again modify this to meet your needs. Our Peer Motivated Fitness Trainers are on hand to help you if assistance is needed. You can find their Contact information on the Fitness Page of this website.

Fire House Workout #1

50 Stories

Warm up 

10 flights of stairs, Jog  (you can run up and down one flight of steps 10x’s) – if no stairs are available jump rope or high knee march for 3 minutes

5 minute stretch

Superset #1 – complete each exercise one after the other for 4 sets with 15 repetitions   (e.g.-chest, bicep,chest,bicep,chest,bicep,etc…)

                Push em’ Ups (modify if need be)                      

                Dumbbell Hammer Curl, 25 lbs (modify your weight accordingly)

                 10 Flights Jog  (modify the speed and number of flights to meet your fitness level)

Superset #2

                Inclined Push em’ Ups 

                Alternating Dumbell Curls

                 10 Flight Jog

Superset #3

                Decline Push em’ Ups

                 Olympic Barbell curl 45lb (modify your weight)

                  10 Flight Jog


                   Burpees – 60 sec. with 20 secs. rest x3

                    10 Flight Jog

Abdominal Set– to be performed for 15 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. Each exercise is done for 3 sets consecutively!!!!

                  Flutter Kicks

                   Reverse Crunch

                   Abdominal Toe Touches

                 10 Flight Cooldown

STRETCH!!!!!!! 10 Minutes